CNef 4315


Brand: Liebherr

Model No: CNef 4315

Made In: Germany

Product Dimensions: (H*W*D): 185cm*60cm*66.5cm




CNef 4315 Comfort NoFrostFridge-freezer with NoFrost

  • BluPerformance

    Offering even more interior capacity for food storage, economy, and energy efficiency, quiet operation, ease-of-use, and exceptional design: Liebherr’s BluPerformance appliances set both a new direction in refrigeration and freezing and new benchmarks.

  • BioCool

    The BioCool-Box is a feature of the refrigerator compartment and the humidity level within it can be regulated to keep fruit and vegetables fresher for longer. It extends smoothly on either a roller system or on premium-quality telescopic rails, both of which guarantee ease-of-use and allow convenient access for a perfect view of stored products. Humidity is regulated via slider control.

  • NoFrost

    The NoFrost system from Liebherr provides rapid, fan-assisted, frost-free freezing for the safe, long-term storage of food. The NoFrost technology creates a much larger storage capacity and keeps the freezer constantly frost-free.

  • DuoCooling

    Accurate and independent temperature control of the fridge and freezer compartments is facilitated by DuoCooling: two separately adjustable cooling circuits. There is no air exchange between the fridge and freezer compartment so that odors cannot be transferred and the stored food is prevented from drying out.

  • 2.4” touchscreen display

    The high-resolution, high-contrast 2,4‘‘ touchscreen display is integrated behind the door and enables accurate temperature settings.

  • GlassLine

    The distinctive GlassLine interior conveys build and finish quality. The shelves are made of safety glass. The sectioned, slide-under glass shelf lends itself to versatile use as it can be inserted at different heights, as required.


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